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You may be eligible for an exemption if you have not been in any part of NSW in the last 14-days that has been designated as carrying a high public-health risk at that time. If you need an interpreter, call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 and press 0. It should take less than five minutes to complete a permit application. What happens if I don’t have access to a printer? The paperwork will be posted to the Department of Health and Human Services website later on Tuesday with further details about what information will be required. NEW MEASURES PERMIT TO WORK: Victorians now required to carry proof of employment As sweeping shutdowns come into effect under Stage 4, tough new measures are being introduced for the state's workers. How to stay safe and well. You can start your application for an exemption here . Your permit application will be processed automatically. Each adult needs their own permit. You will be able to apply for a permit through a smart device and permits should be issued quickly. These include: DHHS Authorised Officers and police at the border may ask you additional questions about your application, your travel intentions and your destination. Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only. For Greater Sydney (excluding the Blue Mountains) and Central Coast, on or before 11.59pm on 20 December 2020, For the Blue Mountains and Wollongong areas, on or before 11.59pm on 26 December, For all other parts of NSW, on or before 11.59PM on 1 January 2021, you understand conditions that may apply for entering Victoria, supporting documents including COVID-19 test results less than 72 hours old, there are penalties up to $20,000 for providing false information, if an exemption is approved, the applicant will be subject to conditions to protect the public health of Victorians, the application will be considered based on reasons for travel against the need to protect the public health of Victoria, returning home for health, wellbeing, care or compassionate reasons, I haven't been in a part of NSW since it was classed as a red or hot zone, caring for an animal on the other side of the border, Australian Defence Force members undertaking military transfers, Wodonga - Hume Fwy High Street (Split into sites A & B), Genoa - Princes Hwy at Mallacoota turnoff, travel directly to Victoria wearing a face mask, isolate from when you arrive in Victoria; and, live in one of the local government areas identified as exempt from carrying a permit, are providing, receiving or accompanying a dependant who is to receive emergency or essential medical care or other urgent care (examples of essential medical care include chemotherapy and dialysis; other urgent care includes for a person with a disability) or if you are required by law (e.g. The Work and Development Permit (WDP) scheme is a new initiative to provide vulnerable and disadvantaged people with a non-financial option to address their fine debt. The WDP scheme commenced on 1 July 2017. You can apply for a permit at the Service Victoria website. Tough new penalties will also come into effect for those caught breaking the state’s COVID-19 rules. They sign it. Exemptions are being triaged based on urgency, compassion and need. You sign it. How do I apply for a permit? If you have completed the application form but have not received your permit by email, check your spam or junk email folders. The Victorian Government acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging. Alternatively, you can get your permit printed at a local library or retail outlet that provides printing services. You can only apply for a permit if you: Are transiting through NSW to Victoria from another state or territory. A Victorian government website crashed as workers rush to apply for a permit to be able to travel outside of coronavirus restrictions. Apply for a permit . You will be turned away at the border and will need to find alternative accommodation in NSW and a possible fine. Victorian coronavirus – Permit system for essential workers Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says a permit system will be introduced for essential workers to show authorities reasons for travel during Victoria’s stage four lockdown The Victorian Government has enacted new measures to protect Victoria from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). *A note on essential workers: “Everyone who has a job in this economy is an essential worker,” said the prime minister last night. 3. A permit has been developed for essential workers so they can be easily identified if stopped by police in Melbourne. What happens if I reach the border without a valid COVID-19 Border Entry Permit? Right to Travel Permit What is the need. Provide any material asked for as soon as you can. This includes the freight industry. The worker permit scheme is a new regulation under the stage four restrictions currently in place in metropolitan Melbourne. “That team is growing substantially and that means every single positive case will be door-knocked multiple times, random and repeated doorknocks,” Andrews said. Essential workers must carry the permit in case they are stopped by police on roads or public transport, including between the curfew hours of 8pm and 5am. Only remaining in Victoria for the period necessary for the purpose (unless Victoria is your usual place of residence), Wearing a fitted face mask at all times in all indoor public places and in all outdoor public places where you cannot maintain physical distancing, Being tested for COVID-19 within 48 hours of arriving in Victoria, Self-quarantining for 14 days when not performing the activity you were permitted entry for (unless you are a New South Wales border resident remaining in a border community area). We still don't know exactly what the permits will look like yet, but Mr Andrews says the system will be "as simple and easy as possible". Victoria work permit update. It comes as a tough new fine was introduced to combat the large number of Victorians failing to self-isolate, with more than 800 people unable to be found when ADF personnel doorknocked their house. Victoria Police are also conducting checks across the state, including the main arterials to regional Victoria. The current outbreak situation in New South Wales is changing rapidly. What questions does the COVID-19 Border Entry Permit application ask? Limits will be placed on entry to comply with the density requirements allowed within a single space – one customer per four square metres. Exemptions are rare and only granted in special cases. resided in, visited, been in or travelled through an area in NSW outside your direct transit route. This means: When assessing your exemption application the Department will contact you for a short interview. Workers in Melbourne who need to leave their homes to go to work must carry a permit with them at all times, from August 6. If you still aren't receiving the email, call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398. “Throughout all of this, we’ve tried to be as logical as possible to understand intricate and detailed supply chains and be aware of all the consequences of each decision we make. From 11:59pm on 31 May: 1. “It is also of some utility in terms of the curfew that applies at 8pm each night,” Andrews said. minimise contact with other persons except in emergencies, keep a record of each place you stop in NSW and Victoria, wear a fitted face mask in all public places. Up to 20 seated patrons per enclosed space. From 11.59pm 1 January 2021, Victoria will close its borders to New South Wales, some exemptions apply. At a press conference on Tuesday, Mr Morrison said essential workers meant: "it can be essential in a service, whether it's a nurse or a doctor or a schoolteacher, or a public servant who is working tonight to ensure that we can get even greater capacity in our Centrelink offices, working until 8[pm] under the new arrangement in the call centres - these are all essential jobs.” "People stacking shelves - that is essential. The permit will ask for the following information: You will also be asked to sign a declaration confirming you, and any person under the age of 18 or other dependent travelling with you: For people entering with a permitted worker permit, you will also need to declare that you: For people entering Victoria after transiting through NSW you will also need to declare that you: If you are briefly transiting through Victoria you will also need to declare that you are entering into Victoria only for the purpose of transiting to another state or territory. Please note if you have already applied for an exemption you do not need to apply again online. You can also apply for a permit before you travel by visiting a local government service, like a library, and accessing a computer that way. A person is not required to apply for a COVID-19 Border Entry Permit or an exemption to enter Victoria from New South Wales if they: If any of these exceptions apply (except for the school student on a bus or the resident whose property extends across NSW and Victoria), there are also conditions you must follow unless you are escaping from harm and it is not practical. You can apply for a permit at the Service Victoria website. Police have established checkpoints at certain locations along the Victorian-New South Wales border and will check permits to ensure that people hold a valid permit. You can also call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 and they will be able to assist you with the permit. Your employer fills it out. Tables should be spaced at least 1.5m apart. But Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says employees will be required to carry a worker permit when they travel to their workplace. Key workers, such as police officers or nurses, will be able to use their hospital or Victoria Police IDs. While transiting through New South Wales you must: Any overnight stay in NSW while in transit will require an exemption to enter Victoria. I am in Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory and I need to pass through New South Wales to return to Victoria. when in a vehicle with anyone you do not ordinarily live with, unless exempt. Essential employees designation is determined by the state, along with the responsibilities of the employee, and the reasons for closing. If you can’t, your networks and community might be able to help. Such businesses Those still allowed to work after Stage 4 shutdowns come into effect on Wednesday night will have to show a piece of paper, signed by their employer, to show why they are out of their homes. Victoria's restriction levels. After the Longest Road Ever, I Finally Got to Have My 2020 Wedding City File. Next, check your email address and try applying again or use a different email address if you have one. If you cannot print out the permit, you can save the permit on your mobile phone or another smart device. If you are found to have entered Victoria without a valid permit or exemption, you may be subject to penalties in excess of $1,652. You can only apply online for a permit  if you: You need a permit. Find out about the current restrictions in place. have not been in NSW for the last 14 days other than to transit to Victoria. You carry it with you. You will be turned away at the border and face a possible fine. Business guide to Coronavirus Essential worker permits With Melbourne’s coronavirus cases spiking to 725 on the eve of the Victorian State government shuttering business for six weeks, worker permits will be required for those deemed essential workers during the stage 4 lockdown. How long does it take to fill out the COVID-19 Border Entry Permit? ... with only essential workers and those seeking or providing care able to leave their homes. Premier Daniel Andrews announced a swathe of sweeping workplace shutdowns on Monday, effectively closing down a number of sectors. “This is old-fashioned common sense. You will receive your approved permit via email. If you are stopped by police, tell them you are feeling unsafe at home and they will help you. are providing essential public services (including emergency workers, healthcare workers, care facility workers, and child protection workers). The Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr Ebrahim Patel, has announced that all businesses allowed to provide essential services are required to seek approval from the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition in order to trade during the period of the lockdown in terms of regulations published yesterday, 25 March 2020. The purpose of this new exemption permit is to allow NSW agriculture workers into Victoria under the same arrangements as the freight and essential services industries. Foreign nationals who usually qualify for an LMIA-exempt work permit under exemption code C13 may enter Canada under the paragraph R186(t) exemption if their work is related to the protection or preservation of life or property related to the COVID-19 response and maintenance of essential infrastructure or services. Police will be conducting mobile patrols throughout Victoria, to ensure that people hold a valid permit. A permit to work system typically involves the team performing such activities to begin the form with details of the hazardous activity and safety checks to be performed. It is then handed to a safety officer to review and approve before work can commence. You can apply for an exemption if you have a valid reason. People earning money in their family when another member of their family may have lost their job and c… 2. If you intentionally provide false information on your permit application, you may be issued a fine of $1,652 or face a penalty of up to $9,913. Emergency support is also available for those who need it. formal child custody arrangements).You will need to provide evidence of your reason for visiting Victoria (e.g. You can apply for a permit using your mobile phone or another smart device. “All of this will be challenging and very difficult but it is what is necessary.”. Information about the Victoria Border Entry Permit. ... Victoria Now Requires Travellers From NSW to Apply For a Permit Before Visiting the State City File. Melbourne is the subject of a nightly curfew between 8pm and 5am, with only essential workers and those seeking or providing care able to leave their homes during that window. Please keep it handy to show to an officer. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews arrives at a press conference in Melbourne. The permit comes as part of harsh new Stage 4 lockdown measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. The rules and permit requirements apply equally, whether you are a Victorian resident or not. If you suspect you may have coronavirus (COVID-19) call the dedicated hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days. will, for the first 14 days since your last departure from New South Wales: get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19) at Day 7 and Day 14. only leave accommodation to get takeaway food or drink, access the bathroom, get medical care, get tested for coronavirus (COVID-19), in an emergency situation or if required by law. are doing so for purposes of administering justice (for example, prison transfers), domestic flight crew members provided certain requirements are met (unless they have been to a hot zone in the last 14-days, which means they cannot enter Victoria), reside on a property that extends across both New South Wales and Victoria. To download a PDF version, click here. will only remain in Victoria for the period required for work. The Department will assess your application and respond. resident of border community) or exemption applies. Infected people caught breaching the rules for a second time will be slapped with a $4957 on the spot fine, which will grow to $20,000 if the matter goes to court. Providing a letter from your employer (for some work-related exceptions). Regional Victoria is now moving to stage three restrictions, with restaurants, cafes, bars and gyms to shut from midnight on Wednesday. The Victorian Government announced agricultural workers who live and work between Victoria and NSW could apply for a permit to enter Victoria. You will be allowed to cross the border without a permit if you’re seeking emergency support due to family violence. ‘Essential workers’ will still be allowed to enter New South Wales from Victoria when the border closes tomorrow night, although no definition has been specified. travel directly through NSW, where possible, and avoid unnecessary stops. If you are found to have entered Victoria without a valid permit, exception or exemption you may be subject to penalties in excess of $1,652. Victoria recorded 439 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, with 11 new deaths. What happens if I provide false information on my COVID-19 Border Entry Permit application? Yes, you should display the permit on your dashboard. Venues are required to request contact details, first name and phone number, of every customer to assist in rapid contact tracing other safety precautions will also be required, including extr… “As heartbreaking as it is to close places of employment, that is what we have to do,” Andrews said. You should receive your permit shortly (usually within five minutes) after submitting your application online. You need to get tested and quarantine, in line with the conditions of your permit. are escaping harm or the risk of harm, including harm relating to family violence or violence of another person. 07-08-2020. If you live in a border community, go to the Information for cross border communities page. A permit system for essential workers is now being rolled out through employers and more is expected on hardship payments. If you are stopped by police, tell them you are feeling unsafe at home and they will help you. Permit exemptions to enter Victoria may be considered for the following reasons: There are four designated Victoria Police checkpoints for visitors returning with an approved letter of exemption; As part of the exemption process you will be advised if you are required to enter mandatory hotel quarantine or can quarantine at home. The premier says the decision to enter a State of Disaster was not made lightly, but was the only way forward based on public health advice. Victoria Police has undertaken over 6000 spot checks in the past 24 hours at homes, businesses and non-essential services across the state and issued 161 fines as part of Operation Sentinel – including 60 for failing to wear a mask. If you cannot print out the permit, you can save the permit on your mobile phone or another smart device and show this if stopped by an officer. An additional 250 police, 500 ADF and 300 health staff will monitor the compliance. From 11:59pm 5 August, workers in permitted industries must carry a Worker Permit issued and signed by their employer while within the Melbourne area. You will require proof, such as a letter from your employer. Food Service Workers: All individuals, households, and emergency services need access to food, so … Getting help with your permit application. Only commercial freight workers or people temporarily travelling through NSW (from another state or territory) can apply online for a permit to enter Victoria. Andrews says the system will apply to private sector businesses where there is not an officially recognised form of identification. From 11:59pm 3 January 2021 people travelling to Victoria for work can apply for a border entry permit if they are a someone who works in: • Commercial freight services • Essential services • Agriculture. Andrews says the system will apply to private sector businesses where there is not an officially recognised form of identification. Your travel and return to Victoria will be subject to strict conditions - be ready to: Additional restrictions may be applied by the Chief Health Officer depending on your circumstances. The permitted worker permit is available … All venues must abide by physical distancing requirements. You may avoid having to wait even longer if your exemption comes with conditions. Conditions are written clearly on your COVID-19 Border Entry Permit. a doctor’s letter, a court order, etc), are providing or receiving emergency services (Fire, Police, State Emergency Services). The nation-wide lockdown will be enacted in terms of the Disaster Management Act and will entail the following: From midnight on Thursday 26 March until midnight on Thursday 16 April, all South Africans will have to stay at home. What happens if I don’t have access to a computer? Once I have a COVID-19 Border Entry Permit, can I cross the border? Victorians leaving their homes for work under Stage 4 lockdown restrictions will now be required to show permits if pulled over by police. A WDP allows an eligible person to work off their fine debt by participating in certain activities and treatment. For the full list of everything that is open and closed, see the official Stage 4 industries list. The form requires details of essential work activity on a rolling 7 day schedule. Coronavirus Victoria: Daniel Andrews announces permit system for Melbourne. NO ENTRY: Victoria closes border with Queensland's 'RED ZONE' effective immediately, Man slammed for ‘banning’ girlfriend from using tampons, 'A degree of confidence': Victoria's 'Donut Days' continue amid Queensland COVID lockdown, More NSW venues on COVID alert as Queensland travellers are locked down, FULL LIST: All the Victorian venues exposed to COVID-19, Department of Health and Human Services website. Find out what you can do to reduce the risk and stop the spread of COVID-19, including resources for mental health and family violence support. If DHHS grant your exemption, you're likely to be subject to further conditions to protect public health. Victorians visiting New South Wales cannot return to Victoria unless an exception (e.g. Victoria confirms double-digit death toll increase, COVID cases surge, A dozen new COVID cases in NSW as clusters grow. Permitted worker. Each application is granted at the discretion of the Chief Health Officer or delegate after the careful consideration of the public health risk and the requirements under the Public Health And Wellbeing Act. Each adult needs their own permit. For more information, see the Acting Premier’s media release or visit the Victorian Border Crossing Permit … Exemptions are very rare and will only be granted in very limited circumstances due to the serious nature of the public health risk posed by COVID-19. When will I learn the conditions of my entry into Victoria? Under the latest restrictions, residents of metropolitan Melbourne must follow an 8pm-5am curfew and can’t travel more than 5km from home for shopping or exercise. 18 Dec 2020. File image of ADF personnel and a Victorian Department of Human Services officer doorknocking houses. The permitted worker scheme is administered through the Department of Justice and Community Safety and ensures essential workers will not have to repeatedly explain themselves if stopped by police. Please think about what food and other provisions that you might need (including things like nappies, cleaning products and toys) and look to get them delivered via online shopping or a phone service. It's best to self-isolate even before you travel to Victoria, while you wait for your application outcome. An essential employee is a designated employee that is required to work during a business closure in order to meet operational requirements. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced the permit scheme yesterday, as part of stage 4 lockdown measures designed to slow the rapid spread of coronavirus in capital. 4. Permits for essential services during lockdown. Businesses forced to close in regional Victoria can apply for a $5000 grant while those in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire can apply for up to $10,000. It’s a piece of paper. “Then you’re able to demonstrate (your reason to be out) so there’s not a sense of anxiety or a sense of having to tell your story 17 times.”. commercial freight worker, essential services worker, or agricultural worker, How we live: Information for all Victorians, How we work: Information for business and industry, Quarantine & emergency accommodation programs, Mandatory quarantine for returned overseas travellers, Emergency accommodation for community members who cannot quarantine at home, Financial support for businesses and workers, Wellbeing & mental health supports for businesses, Coronavirus medical equipment and PPE supplier directories, Register as a local manufacturer of medical supplies and PPE, Surveillance testing for high risk industries - metro, Surveillance testing for high risk industries - regional, Electricity, gas, water and waste services, Warehousing, wholesaling, postal and distribution, Public events – information for organisers, Guidance for preparing a COVIDSafe Event Plan, Learning from home - resources for early childhood education, Learning from home - resources for teachers, Learning from home information for parents, School site closures due to coronavirus (COVID-19), Talking to your child about coronavirus (COVID-19), Operating guidelines for early childhood education and care services, Health advice for early childhood education and care services, TAFE, training providers, apprentices and trainees, Guidance for TAFE and training operations, Program for retrenched apprentices and trainees, Vocational education and training support, Travellers eligible to apply for a permit under permitted workers categories, Quarantine information for Victorians who have recently returned from NSW, Making a temporary rent reduction agreement, Students - adapting to learning during coronavirus, Are transiting through NSW to Victoria from another state or territory, Are briefly passing through Victoria from another state or territory and are not staying in Victoria, Minimise your contact with other people, except in the case of emergency, Keep a record of each place you stop before reaching Victoria and during your travel in Victoria, Wear a face covering in all public places unless you are exempt under the Stay Safe Directions (Victoria), your full name and the names of any person under the age of 18, or other dependents you are travelling with, your residential address and contact phone number, the dates of intended travel inside Victoria, have not been diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) or been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19), Have not been experiencing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, are travelling to Victoria for commercial freight, essential services or agriculture work, in all indoor places, and outdoor public places where you are unable to practise physical distancing, and. Get an editable template of a permit for a staff member to perform an essential service and get guidance on how to quickly issues permits to your staff members who need to get to work. Victoria’s border for entry from New South Wales has closed. Under the Victorian government’s new Permitted Worker Scheme, essential workers and on site staff will now be required to carry a worker’s permit from 11:59pm tonight. What happens if I cross the border without a valid COVID-19 Border Entry Permit? Workers can only work at one site during stage four There must not be blending of shifts Mr Andrews described the construction sector as the "lifeblood" of Victoria's economy. Key workers, such as police officers or nurses, will be able to use their hospital or Victoria Police IDs.

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