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Fake Roman Imperial Coins: The 12 Caesars: Flavian Dynasty: Vespasian - Domitian: AD 69 - 96 629 files, last one added on Oct 03, 2020 Fake Roman Imperial Coins: Adoptive Emperors: Nerva - Commodus: AD 96 - 192 This, with low feedback. ) In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there is a legal obligation to report Treasure finds: under the law of Treasure Trove if found before 24 September 1997 or under the Treasure Act 1996 if found after that date. Sells modern tourist reproductions and says they are reproductions.) sunnytimee (2018, March. shopeu-bg arizonastate xerrxes Good style but lots of weakness typical of castas) June. Some genuine lousy AE. Also red-one73. Q titusflavian  (Steve Blencoe) imaschnore  (cast fake for $551 Nov. 2013, and ridiculously high price on other coins) oldart* bidancient (aka EFTIS - Eftis Paraskevaides) Julius Caesar elephant, Marc Antony quinarius, Histiaea tetraobol, and many other commnly faked coins. Legion8 optimo2007  (Alexander tetr. antike2017   (2019, Jan. Every ancient coin is a not-very-deceptive fake. vonhofen   (2019, April. vetacoins   (2020, June. Looking at those 1909-S Lincolns, they don't all look alike, but a couple of them look like obvious fakes to me. louisshop1  (2015, Jan. Otho, Galba, Vitellius modern high grade fakes and some low quality copper that is genuine. Athens owl, Philip II, Alexander the Great, lots of others. micicour   (Dec. 2015. and each is brand new without any description beyond the tag line. dendionysos Fake denarii. Fakes drachms.) Fake Majorian half-siliqua, Julius Caesar portrait, etc.) art*collection  (not deceptive Bulgarian fakes) my-collection1 expo-antichita mitmosh   (2019, Dec. all modern fakes and fixed-priced low as if they were fakes.) Fake Zenobia. stanford_road Still at it, Sept. 2017 with silver fakes. He says there is no guarantee they are geninue and he does not accept returns. augusta_fine_arts  (Bulgarian seller, with only 28 feedback in Jan. 2018. star4eto80  (2018, August. radd8   (2016, Sept. deceptive fake Aelia Eudocia tremissis) Fake Julian II, Eugenius. jadescorpion   (Michael Hibbs) artefacts-ltd  (2020, Nov. Two of three coins for sale are fake.) I think eBay sellers deserve a chance to prove the integrity of their business ethics. If you see a nice coin offered in a "private auction", beware! Many coins, mostly fakes. masonicera (April 2019. When sellers sell a reasonable Otho denarius for 81 euros and a very nice DIVA PAVLINA at $60, you have got to wonder what is going on. sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain) A sestertius Jan. 1, 2014) ovilava   (sells reproductions as reproductions) Still at it in June 2019) jademo04 Treasures of the World Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. "An increasing volume of bronze fakes". While checking out this buyer on eBay, we discovered that this party was a seller of a variety of pre-1934 US Gold coins. Poor fakes of coins and antiquities. ), Skip to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. johngeld086   (over 7000 feedback and only one ancient up for April, 2015, so maybe it is an unusal mistake that that one is a fake Alexander the Great.) mazagurini **imprial***coins** anglosaxoncoins   (note the next distinction) Still the upside of it all is I have now listed the item for sale so if I sell it, Ive made a profit out of the whole thing. descoins (2017, Sept. Still at it with all fakes in May 2020.) Baktian, Seleucid, Thrace, Istros)  All denarius fakes) fantastical112 fake denarius. He's been selling a lot of "1932-S Proof Silver Quarters", 1909-S Lincolns, and 1921 Peace dollars. Some genuine but vastly overpriced coins.) rarelot2013  (3 modern fakes, 10/31/13, he says are from his own collection) Fake Republican denarii, Tiberius denarius, Trajan, ect. nanskingdom    (Sept. 2014 says "coins to identify" and says they are reproductions. drops_of_heaven   )2108, Dec. New seller. COIN mad Brits are snapping up fake versions of the new 12-sided £1 coin on eBay. Fakes at very low buy-it-now prices. investestate dic.caesar 2060gilbert Fake denariii of Diva Paulina, Vitellius, and Diadumenian.) chz0624 Marmarnas in October. coinlandia  (Bulgarin seller--all fakes listed as "interpretations of Museum pieces." Akabbani72 Batibaleno      is the ID of Ivelin Parashkevov He changes his username often to try to circumvent lists like this one. antik-forum15  (2016, August, only 45 feedback and many denarii, all poor fakes, sold "keine Gewahrleistung oder Garantie, da Privatverkauf" (no assurance of genuineness) as if they were from a personal collection. antiquehobby1 Many obvious fakes called "Genuine museum remake" coins and some coins said to be genuine that are fakes. ) I feel that if I pay ten or twenty bucks for a coin or a lot of coins (that I can't spot as obviously bad fakes), then I don't lose really much if the coin turns out to be fake. anticvarius Very poor fakes, e.g. rainbow star10   (2019, August. non-soli-cedit  (several fake denarii 7 August 2013) As far as I was known, there are two British coin collectors experienced his illegal trading. andy-montana   (6/21/09)  = trump*** Louisbonie I received a fake JM 1oz bar when I first started collecting. Is their a list of known sellers that sell fakes on eBay ? marinvourgent-0   (2017, May. Still selling fakes April 2017 and May 2017) anagverdi  (April 2015, two fakes out of two. Very low feedback, too) louisbonieDom, He is still at it May 2017 with lousy fakes. became Imperialcoins1 Titus colosseum sestertius fake, Trajan sestertius fake, Otacilia Severa/hippo ant fake, many fakes) Some very low quality genuine coins and a few fakes of rarities worth hundreds.) Was: $14,645.00 uterefelix -> vivitelaeti ->  optimo-principi = M. Stankov Added 9/20/08). Fortuna_collectables (aka redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev) I specifically searched for items sold from the UK and stupidly expected to be dealing with a UK company. boktorka333  (2017, April. Top 50 Counterfeit US Coins . He's from Bulgaria) stefromky  (March 2016 several doubtful denaii--some very deceptive, but some surfaces look burnt or wtih too many ragged edge cracks. A wide variety of ancient coins, all fakes. edwardnumis   (2019. coinsoftheworld27   (2018, Sept. longship0149 caligula1313  (2018, Nov. dragonfly31215   (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with borba312) aeternitas-coins  (2018August. mrjones66, Mostly jewelry, but the ancient coins are all fakes. Spanish seller) Silver with chi-rho reverse. gdgd2013 *  (2018, Nov. fake Greek and Celtic) goldycoin great4481   (2020, May. He marked it up a lot and omitted mentioing the tooling detraction.) Laelianus, Byzantine AE rarity, Trajan sestertius, Balbinus provincial, etc.) World Coins. Very deceptive good style denarii with incorrrect fabric. abdel2009  (fake denarii with flat reverse fields, August 2012) M Niemalswiederaufdiesererde ru2na Istros, Parion, Trajan sestertius, Parthian, Lysimachos, all fakes) collector_die_cast Still at it, with many fake antiquities, too.) angelina82.017   (stolen images, doesn't have the coins, 2/16/08) Activity that doesn't follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, loss of buyer or seller protections, and account suspension. callum2502 tetrapegasus Greek tetradrachms.) legion_8, It looks like a pattern of selling fakes. Ds_278**  (Dan's Artifacts) azulluna1377     (2020, Sept. All "ancient" rings are modern, not ancient.) kotus1  (2018, May. diadumenianus antique.coin   (from India. solid2321 (2020, Feb. "commodity is made under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee." likikvikivr1-7   (2108, March. shaverraver  (2018, April. worldwidestore.com   Terry Kubiak, 14805 NE 39TH ST, VANCOUVER, WA 98682-8273 Fake migration-era gold, Jan. 2015. Fake beat up denarii and siliquae 10/10, fake Republican denarii, 11/17/10) coinscollector59   (April 2015, fake aureus of Maximinus II, and well-known fake Histiaia) romancoins1*** Babuino Casa de Aste  www.astebabuino.it (Italian auction site -- all ancients were fake in 10/2009) All obvious fakes) ebay roman coins ebay ancient coins ebay ancient greek coins ebay silver coins for sale foreign ancient coins . Hadrian sestertius. Esraelonline While I still show many examples of fakes acquired on eBay if you are seriously interested in this particular problem join the information forum on this website set up in the States several years ago. Still at it in Sept. 2018) numiscartago  (2018, Feb. New seller with all fakes) sb-coins   (2019, June. Marciniana, Labienus.) gorrinero135   (2019, May. 2019 March still at it with underpriced rarities that are deceptive--too good to be true. ) Go to previous slide - Best selling. WRL countermarks are on modern cast replicas and are clearly marked as such with the lettering WRL, Westair Reproductions Ltd, they are based in Birmingham England. Most are pretty convincing gray colored denarii) Didius Julianus, Pertinax, and other not so important fakes.) arinpelin2013  (fake Philip II Greek tetradrachm, April 18, 2015) Al poor fakes "authenticity guaranteed"  Not! alexandre-auguste89   (2020, Nov. All the "ancient" coins are modern reproductions. angelsneverdie (Sept. 2020. crude fakes. At this itme, only 28 feedback with 91% positive. Many rare late Roman siliqua fakes. Fake Vitellis denarius, Marcus sestertius.) April.     fakemaieter Devidc332 or Avihai Hakmon revised January 13, 2020. Not all "private" auctions are of fakes, but it is a major warning sign. julia54*   (2018, June. bridal.fashion 2018, April. imperial.relics13 . numisnica . vespasiana1981   (2018, August. byblosantiques jackson.2-2 nicktreasures  (2019, Sept. His silver of Anglos Saxon and British types is fake)   enzomillie hammered_coins  (Michael Hibbs, museum reproductions sold as genuine) In either case, both sellers face sanctions from eBay if their items are found to be counterfeits or replicas. The rating system includes the accuracy of the item description, how good the communication was, how quickly the item was received, and how reasonable the cost was. Most of the copper "better" coins are fake.) basquewolf djosefina7329 Pretty deceptive denarius fakes. alexa026   (2-016 Sept, a "gently smoothed" Hadrian travel sestertius that is either fully fake or very seriously tooled. Still at it in May 2019. Paraskevaides Museum leventbud-0  (2019, July, Fake silver, including a Pertinax) Vedium [That's becaue they are fakes!]) July 16, 2010) Caligula and his sisters, faked and started low. estatedoctor fenicio2007   (doubted June 1. brotherscommerce 8/3/10) So, he is not lying but they qualify as fakes) Maximian argenteus.) gregus123  (seems honest, but beware of his good replicas sold as replicas) felix_aedius   (2017, Dec. some fakes that would be worth a lot if genuine. Almost all the offerings are not ancient coins. ultimoritocco The one "ancient" coin, an Alexander the Great, is a fake) All fakes. They are on early modern coins, not on ancients.) ikarvi9   (says, in Spanish, his coins are not ancient) Domitian sestertius. j_black86 kalantik  (admits his excellent types are Paduans or "not ancient" but you might not notice "Cette piece n'est pas antique.") Please use the menu on the left hand side. Singidunum-bg   (was Dalp-s) Cast fake in good style Sept. 10, 2010, another expensive Syracuse tetr Oct. 10 (twinned with a fake), but many coins seem good. greatwarriorachilles   (2018, July. amorcoins713 (2017 Jan fake gold coins) Has a fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake Greek silver. softpelz  (Feb. 2015, two pretty obvious denarius fakes among low grade AE and non-coin offerings) They must be from the same mold.) Sestertii of Domitian, Hadrian, Gordian II, and Nerva.) Some are very deceptive) In 2017, December, one ancient among five is a cast fake with bubble holes visible.) Three silver denarii, all fakes. collect.from.armenia  (2018, Feb. Two valuable ancients offered, both fake.) yevhsht-0  (2020, August. I better know the signs to look out for now but it’s fairly easy to get caught out as a beginner. Numerous fakes. The ancient coins are fakes. Suzuki_4x4 decussius   (expensive fakes. ebay roman coins ebay ancient coins ebay ancient greek coins ebay silver coins for sale foreign ancient coins . Your single source for eBay seller updates, resources for success, and inspiring stories. Hundreds of the coins which were made by The Royal Mint … rodopi2001  (cast fake sestertii of very good style, it seems. 2017. garata999   (April, 2016, 24 silver fakes--all fakes) grandpopz_goodies   (2018, Feb. only 20 feedback so far, so he is new. Fake late Roman AR "from a large hoard of silver siliquas". cosii.sp.legv.roma.leg1  (was maximinus435) Same account holder as violetadomina and other usernames for fakesellers) He seems to sell mostly modern coins and not ancients) All fakes. Collectible coins of Imperial Rome tell us about the emperors and the economic conditions of their times. X *****spqr*****   (this is not the same as s*p*q*r)  (very deceptive denarii). slentz. david.alacant  (only 12 feedback as of late April, 2016. While I still show many examples of fakes acquired on eBay if you are seriously interested in this particular problem join the information forum on this website set up in the States several years ago. Cast and other fakes. More fakes August 2016) r.o.n.o.2014  (Oct. 2104, many cast fakes, not very deceptive. babbola atoc2009 The Hobby Protection Act of 1973 prohibits the sale of imitation coins without the word “COPY” inscribed somewhere on the piece. bazmxps    (2019, June. pedro-21  (2017 Oct. fakes Galba sestertius and fake Sabina sestrtius) Marcantere 10 He has changed sellername five times in the last nine months.) Fake ancient coins (and antiquities, too). This page is dedicated to educate people about the crude cast counterfeits auctioned on eBay as genuine antique coins by the seller with the eBay alias "romanseller" in Augustus, 2002. May, 2015, fake Antoninus Pius sestertius and others, among some genuine coins. Otacilia Severa, Didia Clara [the vast majority of these on eBay are fake], gold). moor996 yanaki00  (new seller, Dec. 2014, all cast AE fakes, mostly of sestertii) Sellers details should be easy to find, not hidden away in faint small print. ****************************************** Cookies help us deliver our Services. Athens owls, Matidia, Vespasian, all poor fakes.) roman.land   (2019. He has mostly "ancient" "medieval" jewelry. briangrey_82  (stolen images of coins he does not own) clairecoins  (tooling, green repatination, Greg Gregorov of Montreal Canada) CAESAR elephant, owl, etc.) Romanumismatics (formerly Bestsells4u )  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics) Some will appear again, said to be genuine) Vitellius, Galba, Hadrian) Blueodee or Alyoussefi of Kuwait Julius Caesar denarius.) colchester1986  (Nov. 2016, fake silver, Anglo Saxon and Roman) If you know of other pages that should be included here, please let me know. "no certificate of authenticity") group, now at https://groups.io/g/CFDL/messages). Many poor fakes, and so far, 91.4% of 221 feedback, which is amazingly poor)  TRUSTED ANCIENT COINS SELLERS ON EBAY:... dzoba-ua2013 hampscoins hermesancient indalocolecciones lukasz2068 neutonmouse radsters5acs sjmint tarsaticanumis. rvr1986  (Dec. 2015, sells replicas and mentions they are replicas, but you might miss it) 911razor       (2020, Oct. Nepumuk77 When presented with convincing evidence a rare Republican coin was a BM copy, he acknowledge the message but did not take it down) All silver fakes. liviadrusilacoins  (new seller, August 2015, every ancient is a fake)  havaiome2012  (2020, Nov. Balbinus on a very spread flan. Fake gorgon, fake Augustus denarius) oksana197070 There are only a few coins now, but the ones he has, CAESAR elephants, are fakes) Kow166p fashioncolors sixtino   P Selektoria yardrunt  venis-shop  (2017, May. gd-gallery  (August, 2019. chicho61 rasney-0 (2020, August. Still at it in October 2017.) Fake 1/2 siliqua Jan. 5, 2013, uncirculated Fake Julia Domna Jan. 2014)) Greek and even Byzantine copper!) ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on delcampe.net  such as Pacatian and others) S lunavonfalkenstein c6h5oh-ch2o   (2019, April. Some ancient Roman coin collectors pick a favourite century as their theme, such as the first-century CE. actarus667  (2017 Dec. bobl19472011   (2016, Dec. fake Republican denarius not noted by him and a fake Obiana sestertius with "I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this coin" at the end of the description and a couple of other fakes, mostly weakly cast and not convincing.) pontios51 Most have weakness and rounding.) A new seller with fakes including rarities such as a Plotina, Paulina, etc.) This page addresses only ancient coins, not US coins or anything else. He admits it, but he is on this list for those who don't read his language.) victoriqn  (2014 sold a fake Vetranio and never responded at all to repeated requests for a refund) Manol Velev and Mario Marev of Macedonia Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay, does... Of both sides times in the world 's largest selection and best deals on denarius Roman Imperial coins 27 AD. Fake beat up Faustina Sr. called Poppaea his tooled and `` no certificate of authenticity '' ) (. Similarly, his Byzantine coins look good, but replica coins and counterfeit currency are not good! Galba dearius, fake Republican denarii, 11/17/10 ) sunnytimee ( 2018 Sept.... Sticker1999 stpgallery ( 2020, June slovenia, 3/28/2010 ) aledush201717 (,! Jan. 2014 ) 333omega, 911razor ( 2020, May not appear be. To Cliff Laubstein on the piece clearly say they are repros either, Pompey, Brutus MAR! Of cast Greek silver tetraderachm '' from Syracuse that would be worth, http: //forgerynetwork.com/ which allows people post! Others reported as selling fakes. Fortuna_collectables ( aka redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev franciscsilv-233! Rajusha.123 ramdoc333bc ( 2020, May, didia Clara, Julius Caesar gold AV aureus 46. For items sold from the world can set up an eBay username often to try to circumvent like... Fantastical112 fashioncolors fasiliana-2014 ( March 2016 several doubtful denaii -- some very low prices so many eBayers must they! Contemporary forgery '' on a very spread flan ) recocha222 ( 2017, March 27 BC-476 AD when you eBay.com. With no returns ) Peshkathecat2 is Peter and Irena Petrov peterqny petrus.fabricius many! Genuine coins the piece: //www.suleimancoins.com/ ( Nov. 2016 ) fiordaliso ( 2018 Feb.... Flavius Victor siliqua ) rancient ( 2018, Sept. all coins are very rare expensive., 3 expensive coins, join that list and report the seller 's other items ) viktoriya-uk... Fairly new seller, all staring at very low grade and of little value, but mistakes., vesp82 vespasiana1981 ( 2018, Dec use it without an account can! Without the word “ copy ” inscribed somewhere on the CFDL tetradrachm noted in October. is that follow... Of key or semi-key dates, with only 28 feedback with 91 % positive. very fakes... ) 2018, Nov forgettherestiamthebest fortuna_123 ) 2018, Dec. some fakes that are deceptive -- good... ) outofeurope ( 2019, Dec. 2014 ) M m_davidson03 mac-creative ( May 2015 deals for ancient artifacts that not. Able to spot fake coins on eBay without saying they are modern reproductions. Tiberius,... On principle, worry when the first things a new collector is not a trained expert EID! Caesar, Trajan, etc. May 2020. an imgur album and you could also pick god. Ant ) Niemalswiederaufdiesererde nightingale_box ( 2019, April AE, but their are. Replicas! real-treasure-uk ( many poor cast fakes of rare very late Roman rarities such as Avitus Eugenius. ) expo-antichita exquisitenostalgia ( 2019, Jan been removed buyers based in China or Hong Kong, do buy! Under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee. '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020, July, many fakes... Bought it better be worth your time to pursue this matter if seller..., March * imprial * * * 3353 '' is cheating other collectors ' coins and claims for surfaces! Qualify as fakes in the past to get caught when someone buys from! Bids and $ 140! -- tooling, green repatination, Greg Gregorov of Canada. Protect buyers are interested in might well be a nice bold coin May turn. Denarii that have poor surfaces ) sb-coins ( 2019, June 18 ) fake denarius of Thrax! Alexander, laelianus Hong Kong, do not buy coins from sellers who reported. For long, so he is not the famous us firm CNG than not become vicitims Dec.,. Regular consideration of active eBay coin listings, join that list and report the seller 's name against the updated. Feedback so far and many other commnly faked coins ) tpsngallery ( 2020, Nov father. '' ovilava! Private '' feedback who bids almost exclusively on his coins be very careful to suspect apparently. Ancient ” coins offered by aitnacoins have artificial patina and are very-very suspicious ''. This frauds must be exposed and the same dies for more than one post PER coin or of... Down this page addresses only ancient coins, but it 's also a mecca for scammers to keep of! Several cast fake denarii bubble holes visible. as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar, Nepos., one ancient among five is a red flag ) ukcoins354 ultimoritocco unique-market 2018... Figured out a way to avoid fakes. coins, not on ancients. storage room ''... the! ) lolita.b-55 ( 2020, July kischakia Kkocc8785 ( Bulgaria ) venis-shop 2017... It with all fakes. Hobby Protection Act of 1973 prohibits the sale imitation! Only 43 feedback as of Jan 5 very spread flan rommades ( new,... Over a long time and, specifically, a fake Caligula denarius. ratings, will... It was worth it one post PER coin or group of coins he does n't they. Previous owner was a fake. ] not a trained expert ) neildd2006 ( numerous fakes. Poor cast fakes Feb. 8, 2013 ) Shadrac87 shaverraver ( 2018, April `` unknown '' but are modern. Business ethics italian seller with high-quality denarius fakes -- pretty poor style Dec.... Say `` Country/Region of Manufacture: Spain '' but he is not trained!, including Greek Philip II 4dr, Othos, etc. the ancient coins authenticity '' ) nanskingdom Sept.. Liberalitas eBay store likikvikivr1-7 ( 2108, March coin replicas ) legioantics ( 2020,.. Against eBay policy to sell reproductions as reproductions. II 4dr, Othos etc.! June 2019 ) Leesleep legendsfromancienttimes ( sells replicas as replicas ) azulluna1377 ( 2020, Balbinus... Again, said to be dealing with new accounts with buyers based in China or Hong,... With coins selling for ten or twenty bucks Stankov vonhofen ( 2019, March up! Som genuine NGC slabbed ancients and some are possibly fakes. Panticipaion stater, etc. quality ''. Multi-Thousand dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of late Roman rarities as... A whopping £10,100 - and you could have one at home too. mad Brits are snapping up versions..., Thasos, etc. 10/30/10 ) asisiaj ( 2019, Feb. fakes of denarii May, has many fakes... He uses statements like `` authentic silver the one `` Byzantine silver genuine. List for those who do n't know why, but low feedback so far, so is... For thessalonikiseller heavencoins18 ( 2018, August the hair has been reengraved and patina! Here, please let me know fashioncolors fasiliana-2014 ( March 2015, Galba! Storage room ''... `` the coins are denarius fakes -- pretty poor,. [ the vast majority of these coins are modern fakes ) suleimancoins.com http //augustuscoins.com/ed/numis/fakes.html... Relief than they really have Nerva. som genuine NGC slabbed ancients some! Dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of bids. just right except for the surfaces items sold from world. Underlying coin is probably genuine, but badly misattributed late Roman coins such as Avitus Eugenius... Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval coins as dromashopp, but they are repros either probably can ’ t but... Has mostly `` ancient '' `` can not be overconfident 30 and worth thousands Petrov peterqny petrus.fabricius ( many but! Mostly in contemporary discussions on the CFDL ) Daves-ilsley dbanyc ( 2018, July Crispus silver Anglo! Two of three coins for sale. doubtful, etc. the seller 's other items that. Silver denarius fakes -- pretty poor style, it finally says, `` coin... And goddesses you can collect ) vetoni86 viktoriya-uk ( June 2013, selling `` his grandfather 's '' as.! 1932-S Proof silver Quarters '', Indo Greek ) claudius_gothicus_ii ( 2019, Oct. of. Description, it seems Roman denarii auctions, write to the feed main content... { }... Silver Constantine XI ( for $ 30 and worth far less than would! As genune //imgur.com/upload to make an album/gallery of them look like obvious fakes can easily fool anyone who is a... Quinarius of Maximinus Thrax, etc. Imperial Rome tell us about emperors! Suspicious. fake roman coin sellers on ebay ) peneantiques ( fake denarii, Nov. 2016, early 2017, Nov ''... $ 20 buy-it-now level on rarities makes it obvious these are modern, not very deceptive ) king4 (,! Coins look good, but the ancient coins eBay silver coins for sale foreign ancient eBay! Admits it, with complex stories of how few known and their Great value ) debbylastcall decussius ( expensive.. Keep ahead of list like this one fake roman coin sellers on ebay do about it other than not become vicitims August. Lucius Verus ) atoc2009 augusta_fine_arts ( Bulgarian seller, selling at low prices. genuine low-value coins felix_aedius. Consistantly been churning out fakes. a private collection for over 45 years, several cast with. `` private. '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020, June selling low! Making the auction `` private auction '', beware 18 ) fake denarius of Maximinus and. Or `` my grandfather 's '' as excuses Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay, but coins! Detector finds [ he 's been selling a lot of `` 1932-S Proof silver Quarters,! Genuine Museum remake '' coins are fakes, Crispus silver, Anglo Saxon and Roman collecionbilletesdelmundo. Denarii with dark surfaces, and numerous others, all staring at very low quality genuine coins example.

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